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Water Resources Click here for Printable version

Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith has made involvement in water issues one of the six areas of Rotary Focus.  Our District 5960 Governor Craig Leiser strongly concurs with that emphasis and has asked that each member club and, indeed, each individual Rotarian consider ways in which they could become individually and/or collectively involved in water projects ranging from local to global in scope.

It is hoped that our District will effectively implement a three-pronged water resource development focus consisting of

1.  An International project or projects, such as new wells in the Sudan, water purification efforts in India, etc.  A number of District clubs have already become involved in such undertakings, and more are needed;

2.  Local involvement with a water project, such as stream bank cleanup, shoreline restoration, erosion control, rain garden creation, and the like; and

3.  Personal involvement such as better yard watering management, planting of more "appropriate" and region-specifc landscaping, reduced plastic water bottle usage perhaps, and so forth.

We are fortunate to live in a region blessed with an abundance of high quality water resources.  But as it is said, from those to whom much is given, much shall be expected.  We are no exceptions.

Our District is actively pursuing involvement on the international level, as well as collecting and serving as a resource depot for a variety of group, club and individual possibilities.  As we receive word of the activities of our clubs and members, they will be posted here for others to consider replication.  Let us hear about your ideas and activities.  And if you have interest in becoming more involved with this area, please consider serving on the District Water Resources Committee; call me or e-mail me, and it will be taken care of.  Thanks.

CLICK HERE to view 2010-11 Water Resources PPT
CLICK HERE for water project ideas for clubs

John B. Lennes Jr

Chair, District 5960 Water Resources Committee

651-433-3063 or Email John