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RYLA: Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

The purpose of District 5960's Camp RYLA is to strengthen the leadership capabilities of high school students. Contact your Club President to receive information about Camp dates, usually in April.

  • Camp RYLA is one of the best opportunities your club has to make a difference in the life of a high school student(s) from your community.
  • Camp RYLA is four days of physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual challenge which brings out the ultimate best in its participants through problem solving, teamwork, and interaction with other outstanding students.
  • Camp RYLA changes lives, enabling students to find their inner strengths, to develop leadership skills, and to learn to work with others in a group to overcome adversity and achieve a common goal.
  • Every year, our students continue to tell us that participating in Camp RYLA is one of the best experiences in their high school careers, if not their lives.
CONTACT INFORMATION: See our website for forms and additional information at www.campryla.com or direct questions and inquiries to contact@campryla.com.

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