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Domestic Violence Click here for Printable version

Domestic Violence – A Workplace Issue

Rotary supports many different areas of focus, which tend to work together well.  We focus on supporting education, providing clean water, promoting peace, saving mothers and children, growing local economies, and fighting disease.

Many times, one of these areas will compliment another. For example, providing clean water also supports education and fighting disease. Since a child may have to walk 5-10 miles, per day, to get water, they can not attend school.  Providing a clean source of water nearer to a village allows the child to attend school. Dirty water spreads many diseases. Providing clean water will help stop the spread of water borne diseases.

The Domestic Violence program is about promoting peace by focusing on helping stop domestic violence.

Domestic violence is epidemic in all parts of the world and ignored by many where poverty is also a problem. Although not exclusive to poverty, those who are poor may not have the ability to escape the violence and many will eventually die at the hands of their partners.

The following presentation was Prepared by Al Zdrazil and Janice Barker and presented by Al Zdrazil. Both are experienced prosecutors with years of experience dealing with domestic violence. This presentation will explain more about domestic violence and give ways for you to help deal with it.


Example Domestic Abuse Policy

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