“the evening was perfect to give us creative ideas to ….set…our goals and objectives.”

“They came and did a ‘session’ with our club… helped us to ‘think out of the box’ and produce some visioning ideas through interactive brainstorming activities…”

“It’s amazing that we came to consensus in such a short time from such a diverse group.”

 Marvelous job last evening with Lake Elmo Rotary. The Team did great work with helping us to imagine who and where we want to be (and when).  I am grateful for your time and commitment to Rotary.I am certain our Club and Community will benefit from this exercise. Take care and much obliged.
Paul Erickson
Lake Elmo Rotary

 I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the work you did to facilitate the visioning team's visit to Owatonna. I have shared the results with the rest of the club and the membership has made some decisions about what our club needs to be working towards. It is an exciting process to me to see the club start to plan the next 5 years. The team is really a valuable district resource and they did our club a huge amount of good. If you ever need any testimonials or any arm twisting about the visioning process, I will be happy to oblige. Thank you for all you do for Rotary.
Scott Cody
Owatonna Rotary Club Early Edition