Rotary District 5960 is opening the applications for Group Study Exchange (GSE) team members (non-Rotarian) and team leaders (Rotarian) immediately for an exchange to ____________________(District _______ from ____________- _________. Applications are open for Team Leader (Rotarian) and Team Member (non-Rotarian) positions and should be sent to your local Rotary Club by ____________. The local Rotary Club must sign off on the applications and send them to the District office by ________________.
Please act today by announcing the opportunity, recruiting qualified candidates by talking with your local businesses about the leadership and business development opportunities to be gained by experiencing Group Study Exchange. Consider asking an employee or club member to apply. Presidents, please be sure to submit the Press Release to your local media!
Some important deadlines and information:
1.      Team leaders must be Rotarians (see link below for application, choose Team Leader on left hand menu).
2.      Team members must be non-Rotarian business or professional people between the ages of 25-45 years engaged in a recognized business or profession on a full-time basis for at least the past 2 years.
3.      Additional qualifications for team members (not team leaders) - Candidates cannot be spouses or lineal descendants of current Rotary members, they must be citizens of the United States of America, and must be sponsored by a club in Rotary D-5960 (St. Paul, southeastern and central MN, parts of western Wisconsin).
4.      All candidates must receive permission from their employers to participate in the exchange BEFORE the interview process.
5.      District level interviews for both team leaders and members are scheduled on _________________at the _______________________________. All applicants must be available all day, starting at 9:00 am. (Qualified candidates will be notified several days before of their interview time)
6.      The current Club President must sign the completed application.
7.      Member applications should be received by the local Rotary Club by _____________.
8.      Signed applications are due from Rotary Clubs on __________________, to the Rotary District Office, 2233 Hamline Ave No, Ste 620, Roseville MN 55113.
9.      Applications are available on-line for download at the following links:

Group Study Exchange Team Leader Application:Click Here

Group Study Exchange Team Member Application: Click Here
Group Study Exchange Flyer: Click Here
Group Study Exchange Handbook: Click Here

Consider getting your Rotary club involved in Group Study Exchange, - not only do the participants describe having a life changing experience, but individual clubs gain exposure of and within a new culture.

For further information contact:
Ken Crabb                                                                               Rob Howard
D-5960 GSE Co-Chair                                                             D-5960 GSE Co-Chair                                                      
612.868.3272                                                                          612-860-2948
Kathy Hughitt
D-5960 Executive Administrator
651.636.9054 or 800.636-9054

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