RFE-Expense Guidelines
Category Amount Responsibility Comment
RFE Expense Guidelines
    Host Traveler  
Travel: to/from RFE Varies   X Best when coordinated with one travel agent for group
Travel; during RFE Varies X X Typically, should be low expense as hosts usually provide the transporation unless traveling to a special place.
Varies; typically should not be a large expenses.
Will vary on location of exchange and host family
X X In planning sessions should discuss/set some expectations so that travelers know i advance if they can expect to spend much money on meals. In guidelines, should clarify that each participant expects to pay for their own  meals.
Host Gifts Varies; $20 -$30/host family X X Should expect to bring gift for each host family
Logo clothing/pins Varies; $50-$200/person   X Each RFE should decide what they want to do and how much they want to invest (jacket and shirt, shirt only, pins to give to host family/friends, etc)
Entertainment/excursions Varies; $50-$300+/Person   X Hosts will often offer suggestions which Team members can decide if they are interested in doing. Local tours, parks, local attractions may add an additional expense.
Additional per person expense Varies   X Recommendation is to be prepared to spend a minimum of $500 - $1000 for incidentials.