RFE-Host Guidelines
RFE Guidelines for Host Families
  1. Your guests may be interested in the following. Please let them know the location and directions.
    1. Post office, bank, etc
    2. Laundry facilities/services (in home or other, as appropriate)
    3. Internet access for email/web
    4. Grocery stores or other shopping
  2. You will receive an Orientation Packet that contains contact information for all guests.
  3. Let your guests know what their options for calling home are and provide them time for making personal calls.
  4. Ask the team if they would like to have some time together with their team members and coordinate with the other host families.
  5. Provide ample time for guests to have personal time to be used for resting, emailing home, reading shopping, or exploring the area on their own. Ask them how much free time they prefer and when they would like it.
  6. Ask your guests questions and listen to their answers to determine:
    1. “Is there anything you need or anything we can help you with?”
    2. “What would you like to do?”
    3. “How are things going?”
    4. “Any pet allergies, diet restrictions, other issues?”
  7. Let your guests know what is expected of them. For example, what time you will be departing for an event, expected costs for the day, dress attire, shoes, etc. Also, let your guests know if they will be expected to “be the program” at your Rotary meeting.
  8. While having an itinerary is helpful, do leave some flexibility in the schedule for new ideas and opportunities as they arise.
  9. Discuss expense expectations with your guests. Often, guests enjoy having meals with their host families and are most appreciative of the opportunity to eat with your family in your home. When eating out in restaurants, ask your guests what is their expectation in terms of restaurant type ($ or $$ or $$$) so that they can be prepared, as they do expect to pay for their own meal.
  10. Take plenty of pictures for your club, your club’s website, and for district records and publicity. For district purposes, please give pictures in hard copy or via email to your Host Club Coordinator. Pictures and stories will be shared with RFE Committee and may be used for publicity for RFE programs at the district level.
  11. Please share any stories/pictures about the visit with your Club Coordinator.
  12. Be sure the District Governor/Assistant District Governor is given an opportunity to meet the team members and invite them to your club meeting.
If there are any emergencies, contact your Club Coordinator who will contact the district chairperson. If the Club Coordinator is not available, contact the district chairperson directly.