Thailand – Outbound from District 5960 to Thailand District 3360– November 4-16, 2016.

  • Team to visit Bangkok, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai Thailand.
  • Inbound RFE team from District 3360 will be coming January 30 – Feb 8, 2016
  • Golden palaces, floating markets, majestic porcelain-laid”ve never seen a capital city quite like Bangkok. 
  • Phitsanulok is an important, historic city in lower northern Thailand and is the capital of Phitsanulok Province, which stretches all the way to the Laotian border.  Phitsanulok is one of the the oldest cities in Thailand, founded over 600 years ago.  It is probably best known as the birthplace of King Naresuan, who freed the country from Burmese domination in the last 16th Century.
  • Nestled into the foothills of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a sanctuary.  The pace is laid-back, the accoutrements are international and the landscape is picturesque. It is a find urban specimen with a much-celebrated traditional culture ideal for sightseers.
  • Beyond the historic centre is a dynamic and modern place with lots of sown-to-earth charm.  Bangkok refugees, artists, international NGO workers and hip university students mix together, carving out creative spaces amid Thailands ubiquitous concrete shophouse. 
  • The city can easily consume a week with sightseeing, holiday courses, outdoor activities and of course, eating.  Cuisine specialities of the city include sushi bars around the university, Burmese curries, Thai street food and vegetarian health food.
  • Airfare is roughly $2,000 round trip per person.  Team to consist of 8-10 people.  Application due August 15, 2016