Fellow Rotarians,

The Awards program has three ways to recognize what clubs are doing.

1)   District Governor’s Citation

2)   Club Awards,

3)   and the brand-new Signature Project Recognition

Deadline for 1 and 2 Award submissions is April 18th.  (Friendly competition)

Deadline for the Signature Project Recognition is April 20th. (Non-competitive)

 Now, you may ask why should you and your fellow club members take time to enter your submissions for the Awards Program?  Three great reasons:

1.      Club pride! It’s a great way to summarize the accomplishments you’ve had as a club…think of it as a historical record, and a nice “bar” to set for future leaders to improve upon

2.      By submitting what you’ve done as a club, you’re sharing your successes with other clubs and giving them ideas for things they can initiate as well…nothing like sharing and spreading good ideas!

3.      You’ve worked hard this year, and you deserve to be recognized for your accomplishments! 

It is extremely easy to submit the information:  Enter your club’s achievements in the fillable PDF documents.  Upload the documents and supporting pictures into the SurveyMonkey portal.  That’s it! It is so easy.

 Check out the DISTRICT AWARDS PAGE for more information, links to the submission documents, and copies of past submissions…a great way to see how to ensure you’re developing great summaries!

 And remember: the Awards will be announced at the District 5960 Let's Celebrate  June 16, 2022.  Mark your calendar today…you won’t want to miss it!

 Questions? Reach out to Patricia McCleese at rotary5960mccleese@gmail.com .

 Thanks for your participation in the District Awards Program, and we look forward to celebrating your efforts with you soon!



District Awards Presentation Date
(Virtual Event)
Tuesday, June 21,2022
4:00pm - 5:30pm 

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