One Rotary Summit 2020 Not your grandfather's One Rotary Summit Event. This year we’re shaking it up. Forget a 3 hour long event with a lot of flip charts. Instead we will be meeting virtually for 3 one-hour sections. Each section will focus on a different pillar – membership, foundation, and public image. Come and hear what’s not yet known by the general membership, be on the cutting edge, hear from clubs in the district, and learn a new skill that you can put into action immediately. Thirty minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of rapid-fire questions and answers. You won’t be disappointed, you’ll be exhilarated.
The interactive program will be facilitated by Dayle Quigley, District Governor Nominee.
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Thursday, November 5 (4pm - 5pm )  - Membership  - Video Link -
Monday, November 9 (4pm - 5pm) - The Rotary Foundation - Video Link -
Monday, November 16 (4pm - 5pm ) - Public Image - Video Link

One Rotary Summit - Membership
November 5, 2020