Following a great happy hour kickoff, we are pleased to announce our SHARE the LOVE campaign for 2021-22 to encourage giving to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund-SHARE for February!
Each year, we encourage all Rotarians to give to the Foundation’s Annual Fund, which are the funds that come back to our clubs/district to utilize in grants.  Plain and simple, the more we give to the Annual Fund, the more impact we can have in our communities and around the world.  This year, we set an achievable goal of raising $500,000 in our District for the Annual Fund (we reached a record total of $471,834 in 2020-21), and now it’s time for all of us to work together to achieve that goal.
Since Rotary’s birthday is in February, and so is Valentine’s Day, we figured it was a great time to roll out our campaign to encourage giving to TRF’s Annual Fund-SHARE…and thus SHARE the LOVE was born!
As Club leaders, we need your help in this effort.  First, please make a personal contribution to the Annual Fund…that shows leadership!  Also, we’d ask that you, along with your Foundation Teams, work in your clubs to promote the importance of giving to the Annual Fund to your members this month…and ask them to give.  And, we’ll be there to help in several ways:
  • We’ll be sending weekly updates to all members that will show why district Rotarians give,and celebrate the impact of grants by clubs in our District, utilizing District Designated Funds which come back to our district from these Annual Fund gifts.  You could utilize these reports during your meetings this month!
  • We’ll provide you with instructions that can be sent to members about the ease of giving through Rotary’s website.  Better yet…offer to help members log on and make their contributions!  By using Rotary’s website, the funds get to TRF more quickly and it’s not as much work on your end.
  • We’ll share PowerPoint graphics and announcement scripts that you can include during your club meetings, or in special emails to your club members.
  • We’ll have a special SHARE THE LOVE Facebook profile picture frame that members can use
  • Our District’s Fund Development Team is ready, willing, and able to attend your club meetings to speak on the importance of the grants funded through our Annual Fund contributions.  This could be a five-minute announcement or a full program…we’re here to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!
  • Finally, one of our Foundation Coaches will be reaching out to each of you individually to provide encouragement, make a presentation and see how else we can help you best connect with your club members.
We would like to encourage all members to donate to the Foundation’s Annual Fund-SHARE this month.  As always, we just encourage people to give something, regardless of the amount.  After all, when we are all working together, our impact is that much greater!
We do want to encourage people to be generous though, and that’s why we are having a special matching program…with FOUR LEVELS!!  We have many donors in our District that have made The Rotary Foundation one of their charities of choice and have become our “Foundation Champions”.  Like we did in October with our “STRIKE OUT POLIO” campaign, we have asked many of them to allow us to use their Foundation Recognition Points.  We all get recognition points when we give to TRF, and these points can be used to help recognize others for their actions or incent people to give to TRF.  It’s our hope that utilizing these points as an incentive will help create a new generation of Foundation Champions! 
Once you’ve decided how much you are comfortable giving, it’s easy to give to the Annual Fund-SHARE: You can give a check (made payable to The Rotary Foundation with “AF-SHARE” in the memo line) to your Club President or Foundation Chair, or you can make a payment online at  One note: you do need a My Rotary account to give through Rotary Direct: CLICK HERE for easy set-up instructions. 
Thank you for all that you do as Rotarians, and for your contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  Remember, it’s not just about the money or recognition, but it’s the impact we’re making with the funds.  We are changing lives when we donate to The Rotary Foundation, and that’s why we ask you to SHARE the LOVE!
Thank you in advance for your partnership in this initiative and please let us know if you have any questions or would like any other resources to assist you.
Share the Love Points and Recognition.
  • $100+
    • 2:1 Recognition Point Match
  • $365+
    • Point Match to Paul Harris Fellow
  • $500+
    • Point Match to Paul Harris Fellow
    • $50 Credit for Rotary Merchandise
  • $1,000+
    • Recognition on District Website
    • $50 Credit for Rotary Merchandise
    • SHARE a PHF with TWO PEOPLE!
Kenny, Paul & Tom