Ideas for YOUR Club 

During January, Rotarians are encouraged to focus on this important avenue of Rotary service. Discussions on vocational service can lead to projects that not only develop the ethical consciousness and vocational skills of Rotarians but also the talents within their communities.

Vocational Service Month is an opportunity to begin year-long vocational service activities, ranging from Rotary discussions to awards to community projects.


Vocational Service focuses on:

•        High ethical standards in business and professions.
•        The recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations.
•        The contribution of your vocational talents to solving the problems of society and meeting the needs of the community.


Following are possible activities to undertake during Vocational Service Month:

1.       Devote meetings in January to examining Vocational Service, including The Four-Way Test and The Rotary Code of Conduct*

2.       Need a 4-Way test program? Schedule one with the District Ethics team.  Contact Al Zdrazil,     

3.       Show your members the District video on Elevating the 4 Way Test . Solicit member input in planning projects for the remainder of the year.

4.       Introduce a “mini-classifications talk” series; 1) each member gives a three-minute talk on his or her current or former vocation or retirement activity. Schedule speakers throughout the year  2) Form a panel of members with the same profession. Talk about hot topics in their field and ethical issues faced.  3) Create a list of “Where You Go For Service “ and provide member names, service area and contact information.  4) Have a Member in the Spotlight time. Give the member a set of questions and he/she can pick a couple to answer. Example questions: What did you want to be when you grew up? What was your favorite job? Why? What was least favorite job? Why? What was your first job? Did it help you to decide what you would do in the future?

5.       Present a vocational award to someone or organization in the community who has exemplified outstanding professional achievement while maintaining high ethical standards. Promote the presentation within the community, and consider making it an annual January event.

6.       Give a Four-Way Test framed certificate to all speakers to post in their office with your club’s name on it.

7.       Invite experts to give a presentation on the vocational needs of the community and develop a project in response to those needs.

8.       Work with local businesses to create mentorship, internship, or practicum opportunities to help young people achieve their career goals.

9.        Share the Rotary Code of Conduct.   Booklet :