A novel idea was proposed by one of our members of having a cookbook that would be a fundraiser as well as an instrument of smiles and laughter. What was dreamed up became a reality with the catchy phrase of: "The Great 2020 Pepin Pandemic Cookbook", which by the way is on its third printing, led by our member Dick Boerger, the cookbooks were put together and then the work began to sell this cookbook.
The response was overwhelming, and we received notoriety far and wide being on the pages of the Wall Street Journal to having a few of our members on television channel KARE-11 in the Twin Cities explaining our venture. (Kare11 Story) If anyone is interested, please contact Dick at lcr55041@gmail.com and he will gladly take your order.
Our Rotary club also co-sponsors the Community Thanksgiving Dinner which began in Lake City during the 1980's and was spearheaded by a group of concerned members of Bethany Lutheran Church with the help of area churches. Rotary of Lake City became a partner to this fantastic group several years ago. From the beginning the Community thanksgiving Dinner became a focal point of concern for those who didn't have a place to go or were lonely and needed a place of food, friendship, and fellowship. This Community Dinner has grown every year except 2020, and we know what happened last year. The people who were on the committee for spearheading the dinner met this last September and October and decided to change it because of the fear in part of the Delta variant of the COVID-19. Instead of dining in, the decision was to do a delivery and pick-up. The Lake City Rotary club provided a $300.00 stimulus money plus volunteers who began working on this as early as 8 am and ending at 2:00 pm with much needed help in delivering and serving for the pick-ups.
Char and Elwood Gnotke, members of Bethany Lutheran Church were the pushers and shakers of this Community Thanksgiving Dinner doing much of the advance work of securing the turkeys, coleslaw, squash, green beans among arranging for volunteers to help. A vast number of people volunteered for this event and this year far surpassed the number of dinners that went out the door as well as deliveries to the astonishment of the committee and others who have volunteered in past. This year we served 372 people and those people also gave $3,100.00 which is given to the area Food Shelf in Lake City. This has been and always will be a no charge dinner, but if people wanted to give, they could, and it would go to the food shelf. This has been an amazing opportunity for our Rotary club to go beyond and serve others.
If any questions you can call or email me.
Scott Fiege, President, Lake City Rotary