Welcome everyone to October. As I drive around our district, I cannot help but feel blessed. The weather is beautiful, and the trees are fabulous. It reminds me of a poem I wrote decades ago. I am not a poet, but one year I was inspired. I hope you enjoy it. It's my present to you in exchange for all the good you do every day to make our world a better place. Thank you.


Many days I travel down the road and notice not a thing
Yet today I turned a corner and faced a view I’d never seen.
When was it that the leaves became the color of the sun?
I missed the close of summer for it seems that Fall’s begun.
The colors on the trees right now exist on no one’s chart
They demand my mind’s attention and they still my beating heart,
For only in my memory can I hope to match their hues.
By tomorrow the road will bring me, once again another view.
I marvel at the hand of God and the part that he must play
In all the beauty of the trees I see this wondrous day.
The colors set before me do more than light a spark
Deep in the soul of every man. They warm the coldest heart.
I wish I were a painter who could capture nature’s art
Or a photographer with a camera who knew their rightful part.
I want to save these moments to prove that they exist
For days will come to dull my soul and cause me to forget.
I have no doubt the wind will blow and take away the leaves
And winter’s curse will come once more and chill the air I breathe.
So I will sit and gaze awhile, and prolong this precious time.
And when the cold wind blows next month, I’ll retreat here in my mind.
Have a great October. I hope to see you soon around the district.

Around the District - October 2022 

Yours in Rotary,
Dayle Quigley MD (she/her/hers)
Rotary District 5960 Governor 2022-2023
Rotary Club of Saint Paul #10
M- 715-558-2920
GET THE WORD OUT!!!! Rotary Districts 5960, 5980, and 5580 have partnered with Alight (formerly the American Refugee Committee) to Welcome Ukrainians to the Midwest. The Midwest has welcomed refugees from Somalis to Hmong, Afghans, and now the Ukrainian people. With 125,000 Ukrainians offered shelter in the US, we want to do more than "our part" and do what we do best - open our hearts and communities to people in need. Alight approached Rotary to help get the word out because most of us are entrenched in our communities and have many contacts with like-minded people regarding service. So please click on the link, get informed, and then pass the information on to your family, friends, and community. Let's see how many sponsor groups we can send Alight's way. I realize that many materials talk about "Minnesota," but this is not restricted to just Minnesotans. We're talking Midwest kindness. That doesn't change when you cross a river. Thank you all for getting the word out -  Wisconsinites and Minnesotans - working together for Alight.
Partnership with ALIGHT to Welcome Ukrainian's in our Communities.
No child should have to suffer from a vaccine-preventable disease. This #WorldPolioDay join with @Rotary to make an impact on the fight to #endpolio. Learn more:
CLICK HERE for more Information & Registration

Fast for Hope Update

We are pumping water in El Corozo!
Presidents-elect Training Dates

For Rotary International District 5960 Incoming 2023-2024 Club Presidents 

The sessions are based on the expectations of Rotary International and are meant to prepare you for your leadership role in Rotary.
Rotary District Leadership and other Rotarian guests with particular expertise in the specific content area will conduct these leadership development sessions.
Rotary Action Group News
Family Health & AIDS Prevention

The partnership between RFHA and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was formed in full consultation with the Rotary International Polio team led by Mike McGovern and
Dr. Carol Pandak, and we would like to thank them for their support in endorsing RFHA and the RFHD program.

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