Contact: Rick Olson
United States of America

After this first Zoom meeting with like-minded people, you can decide whether to join another Zoom meeting for those who want to interact with those who voted differently. We’ll try to better understand each other, find common ground, and in the words of Braver Angels, “begin building the capacity of We the People to forge ‘a more perfect Union’ moving into 2021.” Thursday, December 17 @ 7pm  - Registration Link: 

Please note that these forums are not meant to obscure strong political differences or encourage people to support a particular candidate or party. Instead, they are based on a commitment to respect the humanity of those who differ from us and to try to forge connections for civic work across differences.

We hope you can join us on one of the calls whether or not you participated in our earlier call as we attempt to “build goodwill and better friendships”. We are hoping these will be “beneficial to all concerned”.

Your District 2960 Ethics Committee