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Club Champion Workshop at 9-11am Saturday, January 22.  As you know, January is Ending Human Trafficking Month so it is appropriate that we have a training session then.  It is also appropriate since RI President Shekar Mehta has as one of his two goals "Empowering girls to reduce their vulnerability to being trafficked."  Our own DG Kenny Klooster has also embraced that goal.

Our theme is "Fighting Human Trafficking in Your Community" with three excellent speakers for the first hour:  Mary McRoy. Safe Harbor Northeast Metro Regional Navigator and Senior Programs Manager at Brittany's Place, a program of 180 Degrees; Jessica Bartholomew, former Mpls. police office and Founder and Executive Director of A.C.T. United; and Eleana Luks, former coordinator at Terebinth Refuge and a victim.  The second hour will be attending breakout rooms to hear and share ideas with other Club Champions lead by CC's from clubs who have been working in sex trafficking. We will then rejoin the large group to have reports from each breakout group and do a wrap up. This will all be moderated by Al Zdrazil from the D5960 Task Force.