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Rotary in the 2020’s: Understanding Culture Change and

Gray Area Thinking® with Ellie Krug

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “diversity, equity, and inclusion”, but what does it actually mean to make an organization or even our personal lives more diverse, equitable, and inclusive? How can we get beyond grouping and labeling of other humans according to the color of their skin, the religion they practice, who they love or identify as, or the country in which they were born? Can we really build a just and inclusive world, especially in this time of such division?

Even more, how can we make our organizations and lives more inclusive of those who are “Other” and different from “us?” Isn’t it time to at least consider a new approach to human inclusivity—where all humans regardless of differences are valued?

As Rotarians in the 2020’s, we’ve been called upon to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion and to embrace ideas about changing our culture to be welcoming to everyone, regardless of the community they represent or how they might be “different” or “diverse.”

Join national speaker, transgender writer and “human inclusionist” Ellen “Ellie” Krug (a  member of the City of Lakes Club) as she talks about organizational culture/culture change and conducts her highly valued human inclusivity training, Gray Area Thinking®. This training will provide an easy-to-understand toolset on how to be more welcoming of anyone who is “Other” in our society. 

CLICK the following link to hear from Ellie Krug regarding this valuable training: https://youtu.be/4ytuJKkuVLw