2018 Annual Meeting
March 20, 2018
TO:    2017-18 Club Presidents and Club Secretaries
 (copies to Assistant Governors and District Board of Directors)
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE.  The Annual Meeting of the District for the Fiscal Year
2017-18 will be held on Friday, April 20 at the Mystic Lake Center, Prior Lake, MN, in conjunction with the 2018 District Conference of Clubs.  The meeting will commence at 3:30 p.m.  Be sure to REGISTER.
The following Annual Meeting information will be posted on the District Website in the District Conference of Clubs section by the dates indicated in parenthesis:
  1. The Agenda for the Annual Meeting of the District.  (March 30)
  2. Credentials Certificate, including instructions (attached here and now posted on website)
  3. Proposed District Resolution (March 30)
  4. Minutes of the 2017 General Business Meeting (attached here and now posted on website) 
Pursuant to Rotary International Bylaws, delegates selected by each club are expected to attend and vote on important District Rotary business. Credentialing will take place at Mystic Lake Center between 10:15-11:00 AND 3:00-3:25, just prior to the Annual Meeting at 3:30 pm.  Please visit the certification table early!
The Credentials Certificate for your club MUST BE COMPLETED AND SIGNED BY BOTH THE CLUB PRESIDENT AND THE CLUB SECRETARY, so that your club can be represented and vote at the Annual Meeting of the District.
The instructions on the form are self-explanatory and are in accordance with Rotary International Bylaws.  As explained on the Credentials Certificate instructions, the number of votes to which you are entitled is directly related to your club membership as of January 1, 2018.
The Credentials Certificate must be presented to the District Credentials Committee at the Annual Meeting of the District and exchanged for an official ballot, one for each delegate named by you on the form.  For example, if your club has between 88 and 112 members, your club is entitled to 4 votes.  A Club may designate a proxy for any absent electors with permission of the Governor.
Remember, pleaseā€¦PRINT, FILL OUT, AND SIGN the Credentials Certificate and have the delegates bring it with them to the Annual Meeting of the District at the 2018 District Conference of Clubs. 
Thank you for your service to and through Rotary, I am looking forward to seeing you at the 2018 District Conference of Clubs and at the Annual Meeting of the District.
Thank you, Kyle Haugen, District Governor 2017-18