2018 Conference of Club Breakout Descriptions

Out of the Shadows "Ending Human Trafficking in Minnesota"
Time: 9:45am - 10:45am
Room: Owatonna 1 & 2
Presenters: PDG Clare Lillis, Emma Becker, Noellin Volin
Now is the time to have some difficult conversation about a delicate subject.  Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.) has called human trafficking “the worst moral scourge of our generation.” Human trafficking is happening everywhere in our country, states, communities.  It exists because of a culture, an attitude, that demeans women, but men also.  It exists because we have done nothing to prevent it.  Because of its stigma, it has been put in the closet; we do not want to acknowledge that it exists in our communities so we do not talk about it.
Human trafficking has become so pervasive in our society that we MUST begin to talk about it and devise strategies to combat it.  The alternative is that we remain quiet, and let it take more of our women and girls, men and boys, until our moral fiber collapses.  Rotary is recognizing that it can be the catalyst to bring awareness and convene organizations and agencies to strategize in an effort to combat this evil and begin changing attitudes and actions.  Rotary in MN is leading in this effort. 
Join us to see a presentation of what human trafficking looks like in Minnesota and have an open discussion of how we all can be involved in combating it.
Women in Rotary
Time: 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Room: Anoka 2
Presenter: PDG Julie Craig
The session will touch on specific topics with the goal of inspiring and helping women while on their journey in Rotary and to help women become more involved in Rotary.  Sharing highlights from key women who have been involved in Rotary on perspectives of communication/social differences, balancing family/work and Rotary, handling negative forces and how do you stay motivated, different leadership styles, and if you knew then what you know now what would you do differently.