2023-24 GMS Attendee List
2023-24 GMS Attendees
Grant Management Attendees - Qualifying to complete the MOU and Addendum to the MOU for 2023-2024 District Grants.
Seminar First Name Last Name Club Name
GMS-3.28 Gary Campbell Anoka
GMS-3.28 Michael Spellman Arden Hills | Shoreview
GMS-3.23 Glenn Bowers Arden Hills/Shoreview
GMS-3.25 Glenn Bowers Arden Hills/Shoreview
GMS-3.28 Glenn Bowers Arden Hills/Shoreview
GMS-3.28 Elinor Jackson Arden Hills/Shoreview
GMS-3.28 Karl Kolden Belle Plaine
GMS-3.28 Darlene Shafer Chiscago Lakes
GMS-3.23 Gayle Goetz E-Club of Cultural Exchange Enthusiasts
GMS-3.28 Tove Lichty Elk River
GMS-3.25 Laura Bock Faribault Rotary Club
GMS-3.25 Angela Comstock Forest Lake
GMS-3.28 Rebecca Fahning Forest Lake
GMS-3.25 amy Paez Fridley
GMS-3.25 Robert Tholkes Fridley and Columbia Heights
GMS-3.28 Ted Knutson Grantsburg Rotary Club
GMS-3.28 Greg Peer Grantsburg Rotary Club
GMS-3.28 Kenny Klooster Greater Mankato
GMS-3.23 Stephanie Putzier Greater Mankato
GMS-3.23 Don Putzier Greater Mankato Rotary
GMS-3.23 Cheryl Bullington Hastings Area Rotary Club
GMS-3.23 Ed Haugen Hayward Area Rotary Club
GMS-3.23 Lucy Malcolm Hayward Area Rotary Club
GMS-3.28 Joni VanDusartz Hudson
GMS-3.25 Rob Howard Hudson Daybreak
GMS-3.25 Tricia Christiansen Hudson Daybreak Rotary
GMS-3.23 Paul FitzPatrick Lake Elmo
GMS-3.23 Peg Duenow Lakeville
GMS-3.25 Peg Duenow Lakeville
GMS-3.28 Peg Duenow Lakeville
GMS-3.28 Joshua Lee Lakeville
GMS-3.28 Ruth Vortherms LeSueur
GMS-3.25 Geoffrey Hollimon New BRighton /Moundsview
GMS-3.23 Charles Cogan Northfield
GMS-3.23 Ed Marek Northfield
GMS-3.25 Sylvia Allen NSP/Maplewood/Oakdale
GMS-3.28 Brian Buchmayer NSTP
GMS-3.28 Jennifer McNett Owatonna Early Edition Rotary
GMS-3.28 John Connor Owatonna Noon
GMS-3.25 Lois Nelson Owatonna Rotary
GMS-3.25 Kyle Haugen Prior Lake
GMS-3.23 Rick Olson Prior Lake
GMS-3.28 Sambath Ouk Prior Lake
GMS-3.28 Jeffrey Harnly Red Wing
GMS-3.28 James Plucker Red Wing
GMS-3.23 Susan Tindell Rice Lake Rotary
GMS-3.23 Brad Kirscher Roseville
GMS-3.25 Loren Swanson Roseville Rotary
GMS-3.23 Joy Ngobi Roseville Rotary Club
GMS-3.23 Gideon Ngobi Roseville Rotary Club
GMS-3.23 Barbara Svoboda Rotary Club of Farmington
GMS-3.25 Rick Heuertz Rotary Club of River Falls Wisconsin
GMS-3.25 Larry Propst Rotary Club of Woodbury,  MN
GMS-3.25 Mike Neumann Rotary Risers
GMS-3.23 Valdi Stefanson Saint Paul
GMS-3.28 Katie Bang Stillwater 
GMS-3.23 Margie Horning Stillwater Sunrise
GMS-3.25 Margie Horning Stillwater Sunrise
GMS-3.28 Margie Horning Stillwater Sunrise
GMS-3.28 Ted Nesse Stillwater Sunrise
GMS-3.28 Lonny Stormo Stillwater Sunrise
GMS-3.28 DavidStill Waldschmidt Stillwater Sunrise
GMS-3.25 Sara Gilliland The Rotary Club of Rochester
GMS-3.23 Judith O'Fallon TRCR
GMS-3.25 Sarah deGrood Wabasha
GMS-3.28 Scott Durand Wabasha
GMS-3.28 Brian Fries Wabasha
GMS-3.23 Cari McCann Wabasha Rotary
GMS-3.28 Irina Fursman White Bear Lake
GMS-3.23 Jim  Hunt White Bear Lake
GMS-3.23 Carol Nelson White Bear Lake
GMS-3.23 Patty Hall White Bear Lake Rotary
GMS-3.28 Larry Propst Woodbury