Club Runner/RI Guides


  • All Rotarians in the district can log-in to District Club Runner and update their personal information if they use their email address in Club Runner.
  • All clubs are expected to maintain current information about their club, members, executives, meeting location, etc. on this District 5960 website whether they have club versions of Club Runner or not.
  • One of the easiest ways to maintain current membership is to synchronize membership lists between Rotary International and District Club Runner (or this can be done from the club version of ClubRunner).
  • Incoming executives should be entered into District Club Runner by June 1 so that information will be current when Club Runner switches the site to the new year on July 1.
  • Club Runner provides tech support to the district and to clubs via webinars, downloadable guides, online and phone help. Some key guides are downloaded to the left.
  • For help accessing or finding things on District 5960 Club Runner site, you may contact District Office Administrator Kathy Hughitt or 651-636-9054.
  • Clubs are asked to keep their websites current; the self-evaluation to the left is a tool to consider changes.



  • A Club president, secretary, or executive secretary needs to add incoming officers at Rotary International for the new officers to have rights to set goals, change membership, etc.
  • A Club president, secretary or executive secretary can add, edit, or remove a member.
  • All members can log-in at Rotary International to update their information if they use their email address listed on (If they have a new email address, they'll need an officer to change that.)  Tips for logging in at using the NEW "My Rotary" are listed under Files on the left. With RI's new website, everyone needs to get a new log-in and password.
  • Incoming presidents need to enter their goals in Rotary Club Central using the guide shown on the left.
  • Additional goals can be entered by a club secretary, treasurer, foundation chair, membership chair and/or executive secretary.
  • Clubs are expected to follow the RI Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines (under Files on the left) and use the new Rotary logo, messages, etc.  On, members can login, go to the Brand Center, and access RI logos to use with publications, website, etc. You can also create a club version that can be saved to your computer for all kinds of uses.
Rotary International and ClubRunner worked together on the website guide to incorporate Rotary themes and designs into Club Runner version 3.0 websites.