FFH History
FFH History


Started in 2007. Reading books, attending lectures and seminars, traveling, interviewing different organizations and trial and error.

Want to deliver service in a new way. Not the typical grant model, though that has been employed in parallel with individual capacity building in the community.

Decided to partner with Kairos (Elena Hendrick is the coordinator) in Managua, Nicaragua. They were selected in part because of their willingness to design a program that was consistent with our vision and their welcoming us to be equal partners as opposed to other organizations who wanted us to adopt to their model or only wanted us for our money.


We wanted to be able to bring Rotarians into the country to experience life in the community firsthand and to create personal relationships with members of the community.


A key to our approach is to build relationships before we build stuff.


Part of what creates sustainability is building capacity of the residents of El Corozo. Historically communities organize around the family so little experience organizing as a community, how to call meetings, how to make group decisions, how to elect leaders, how to reach consensus, how to organize into different work groups, how to raise funds.


Because of the extreme poverty there has become a culture of dependence, to seek help from others and to follow the directions of government leaders. Important for the community to realize that their voice, thoughts and dreams matter.


Invited El Corozo, Nicaragua to join us in this initiative in spring 2012. Efforts really started to get underway in fall 2012