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2017-18 Latest News from Nicaragua
May 2018 - Letter from Nicaragua
Dear Friends,
May this find you with some sense of hope...holding the world in light.... breathing deep and taking time for self-care (personal and collective) and noticing the little and big actions of love and justice happening around us.
The immensity of turmoil, violence, genocide, femicide, school shootings, horrifying actions against peoples of color and creed that differ from systems of greed and abusive power is overwhelming....and yet we are called to be people of justice and hope.
Most of you, and maybe all of you have heard tale or been following what is happening in Nicaragua.  Perhaps some of you are longing for more information.  One month into a time of great challenge, unrest, violence and pain, and say i: ENORMOUS HOPE...i am finally finding some energy to reach out and share.
If you would prefer not to be on this list, please let me know, i want to respect that.  If you want to know who else from your church or group is on the list let me know, and i will send the names to you...so we are not repetitive.  You are invited to share in circles of trust whatever i send.
I will be sharing the following:
  • Nicaraguan friends living in Boston are doing short bulletin every two days or so, will send the last few and then forward what comes on the day it comes.  Please be mindful that Spanish is their first language, they are doing the translation as a way of contributing towards a new day!
  • i will share some of my own thoughts, or links that i feel give perspectives important to hear.
  • In early April, part of the larger Bosawas Rain Forest on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua called Indio Maiz was on fire.  The government made no move to work to stop the fire, including turning down help from other countries.
It is believed that the government has signed agreements to allow foreign companies to "work this space".  Rains and demanding work by Indigenous of the region finally stopped the fires.
Protesters, many of them University Students convoked a civic, nonviolent protest based on ecological concerns and the well-being of the indigenous people, Nicaragua as a whole, world and planet.
Protesters were met with violence by Sandinista Party supporters, police and anti-riot police and Sandinista youth.
  • On April 18th the Nicaraguan Government passed a reform on the Social Security System.  The system is without funds, many of us believe this is due to the fact that the government has used these funds for other or personal use.
The reform calls for extreme change that will affect the most vulnerable.  Including lowering the amount that elderly who are retired will receive and charging them a tax for health benefits they already contributed too.  The new law is complicated to read, however once studied clearly hurts the poor majority.
  • On April 19th led by University students, many people went to the streets for a civic, nonviolent protest in Managua and other cities. 
The Government sent "Sandinista Youth, police and anti-riot police" to arrive to the manifestation sites "ahead of the hour when protests were to begin".
Protesters quickly organized to change the site of their manifestation.
However, Extreme violence by Police, anti-riot police, Sandinista youth, towards protesters occurred.  Rapid videos being sent out via social media....
Several days of violence on the part of the Government by the above-mentioned groups towards students and people supporting them followed.  Intense three days of students holding fort and hiding in the Cathedral and Universities...being shot at by Police, sharp shooters and anti-riot police, as well a paramilitary force.
Several died in those first days, universities damaged and destroyed.... young people on lists of "disappeared", others taken to prison for? some have been freed, barefoot and stranded on some highway...clearly having lived through torture.
People organizing to bring medical supplies, food and drink, and support of all kinds has continued for the students through today.  The students have taken their space at two Universities: UPOLI, AND UNAN.
Daily civic, nonviolent marches have occurred since then...on some days as many as 400,000 four hundred thousand participants or more across the country.
The first large march on April 23rd was remarkable in spirit.  The Catholic Church called for a March on April 30th, again remarkable in number and spirit, nonviolent, civic, caring for one another....
Many organizing to accompany those in mourning (we are all in mourning) ....sharing skills of healing and more.
Important to take into account:
  • What is happening today in Nicaragua taps into old pain, unhealed trauma, rage and brokenness, stemming from the wars, violations, injustice in the past century (1912- 1233, 1956-1979, 1980 - 1990).
  • In recent years many feel Nicaragua has lived under repression, and that the "old leadership" has turned to "power and greed".
This can be seen: in the last few elections (where fraud has been prevalent); in the lack of care for the increase in femicides; in the repression of movements who think differently (especially the strong, creative women’s movement, and youth ecological movements); in the lack of care for improvement in education and health care programs; and the lack of care for the environment to name a few.
  • As we see happen all over the world, the tactics of divide and conquer are in place.
  • Polarization thick and strong...underlined by fractured societies, communities, neighborhoods and human beings.
  • People who feel loyalty to the Revolution feeling confusion in regard to what it means to be loyal to those gone before us, "supposedly represented by the present party in leadership".
  • Many feel betrayed.
  • Many are finding the strength to free their voice and speak to "power".
There is great need for "listening to one another", challenged by the situation.
The attacks by police, anti-riot police, sharp shooters, paramilitaries has meant the death of 65 people, mostly students to date.
And yet:  Myriads of people are walking and working for change, justice, a new society!  The leadership of the Catholic Church is taking on a prophetic role, some evangelical pastors also taking a stance for peace that comes with justice.  Marches are creative, new music being written and shared ...already a dozen songs giving honor and homage to those who have been murdered, and those who continue the struggle for life.  The "Mothers of the 19th of April” (all mothers whose children have been killed, disappeared or tortured in this one month long happening) have organized, their pain planting seeds of truth!  People are calling one another to channel anger into life giving work and protest and working to help one another take time for self-care both personal and collective.
I will attach here the last two bulletins from our Nicaraguan friends....and send an update of the last two days tonight.
I hope tomorrow to share some of my own ponderings....as well as detailed stories of hope and inspiration.
Holding those in Texas, Syria, Palatine and Nicaragua most especially in light and prayer....
in solidarity and love, abrazos y paz