Within District 5960 PI (Public Image) represents an integrated program of marketing, public relations, branding, and product identity. In other words, it is the “face” you present to the public to identify who you are and what you stand for.

As a Rotary member you think everyone knows what Rotary is BUT that’s not true. The PI program is one that is designed to present a unified, clear, concise definition of our organization... through words and visuals… to educate the public as to what Rotary stands for and believes in. With a unified message it is easier to attract members and donations since the message is clear, concise and the same across all clubs within District 5960.

What does this mean? Don’t invent your own logo… use the one that is required for ALL clubs http://brandcenter.rotary.org. Use the same ending on every press release.

With just these two small efforts you will have joined with all the other clubs in consistency in graphics as well as consistency in press releases and/or promotion materials.

Confused? Contact Shawn Berry who has developed the public image program. In five minutes, you will be able to understand the Public Image program and implement within your own club.  

Email us at piteam@5960.link

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