2.1.1 Membership Team


The Membership Team promotes and provides assistance to clubs regarding membership growth and  retention, including engagement of members. Composition

Five or more interested members, preferably from clubs demonstrating growth experience, shall be appointed to serve on the team.  The Team Leader is expected to serve a three-year term. Responsibilities 

(a) Works directly with Club membership committees and teams with special attention to those Clubs which are experiencing a decline in membership or which maintain a pattern of no growth;
(b) Encourages diversity of membership by age, gender, and ethnicity;
(c) Encourages innovation by Clubs;
(d) Provides information about membership recruitment and member engagement for use at District meetings (such as One Rotary Summits,  Midterm, and other District events), and, when requested, presents such information and assists with facilitated discussion;
(e)  Participates in Regional Leadership events;
(f) Provides membership information to Clubs by such means as email, social media, the District Newsletter, and online meetings;
(g) Develops District-wide membership initiatives.
(h) Submits a budget request for reasonable expenses for this team in accordance with section 2.4.8. 

2.1.1 MOPP - Membership Team - 06-17-19