2.2.3 LIFT Team  Purpose

LIFT (formerly Fast for Hope) is a district-wide program funded by contributions from Clubs and members of Clubs and focused on a project or program determined by the District Board of Directors as being worthy of a multi-year District effort. Composition

The Team Leader shall be a Rotarian appointed by the person who will be the District Governor when the Team Leader’s term begins. The appointment should be for a three-year term. The Team Leader shall appoint four to eight other Rotarians to serve on the committee. Rotaractors may also serve on this team; however, no more than 25 percent of the team members shall be Rotaractors.  Responsibilities

  1. Develops the LIFT budget for each fiscal year (July-June) not later than March 1 of the Rotary year before which the budget will be in effect, and provide that budget to the District Board of Directors within two weeks of its adoption;
  2. Develops a vision, mission statement, core values, and long-term goals for a specific one or multi-year District projects to be performed as “LIFT” designated programs;
  3. Organizes and presents at District meetings and Club meetings informational programs about the activities of the Fast for Hope Team, which identify the goals, objectives, actions taken, and lessons learned;
  4. Makes a full financial and operations report to the District Board of Directors not later than September 15 for the preceding year; and
  5. Manages the Fast for Hope Budget. Authorization for payments of $100 or greater shall be approved by the Team Leader and the District Governor. Authorization for payments less than $100 shall be approved by the Team Leader.
2.2.3 MOPP - LIFT (formerly Fast for Hope) - 10-24-22