2.2.4 Youth Service and Next Generations Teams

A. Interact Team
2.2.4.A1 Purpose.
The Interact Team is responsible for encouraging Clubs to consider organizing, sponsoring and supervising an Interact (high school) club for the purpose of providing a vehicle for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to both local community and international service and world understanding. Clubs should be encouraged to collaborate with local School Districts when providing this opportunity for local high school students.
2.2.4.A2 Composition.
The Team Leader shall be appointed by the person who will be the District Governor when the term begins. The appointment should be for a three-year term. The Team Leader shall appoint two or more members to this team. At least one team member must be a representative from a School District.

B. Rotaract Team
2.2.4. B.1 Purpose.
The Rotaract Team shall promote and support Rotaract Clubs in the District.
2.2.4. B.2 Composition
The Team Leader shall be a Rotarian appointed by the person who will be the District Governor when the term begins. The appointment should be for a three-year term. The Team Leader shall appoint one other member to this team. Other team members shall be representatives from each Rotaract Club in this district, as appointed by the president of each of those clubs.
2.2.4. B.3 Responsibilities
(a) Promote and support Rotaract Clubs in the District.
(b) Assist Clubs in organizing Rotaract clubs in their communities;
(c) Promote the merits of organizing Rotaract clubs;
(d)Submit a budget request for reasonable expenses for this team and
any Rotaract work groups in accordance with section 2.4.8.
C. Rotary Youth Exchange
Through the separate legal entity known as the North Star Rotary Youth Exchange Foundation, a Minnesota chartered tax-exempt IRC Section 501(c)(4) corporation, oversight to the District’s Rotary youth exchange program will be provided. As presently governed, the chairperson of the North Star Rotary Youth Exchange Foundation's separate board of directors is appointed alternately by the District Governors of the two districts annually. The North Star Rotary Youth Exchange Foundation Board shall submit budget requests to the District 5960 Finance Team pursuant to 2.4.8.
D. Rotary Youth Leadership Award (“RYLA”) Executive Team
2.2.4. D.1 Purpose
The RYLA Executive Team shall promote, sponsor, and help conduct a leadership training program – Camp RYLA – aimed at developing the leadership qualities of high school students in the District.
2.2.4. D.2 Composition
The Executive Team shall be composed of Rotarians who have expertise in developing and implementing training programs, particularly programs focused at youth and knowledge of leadership concepts. The
team shall be chaired by a member of the Rotary Club of St. Paul, and a majority of the team members shall be from that Rotary club. The DG shall appoint the other members.
The Executive Team will support the RYLA Program and Operations workgroup 
The RYLA Planning and Operations work group shall consist of members of the Executive Team, as well as additional volunteer Rotarians from the district and operations volunteers from the community at large. All Rotarians and volunteers that take part in the day-to-day operations at the camp shall be vetted through the District Youth Protection Policies. The operations volunteers commonly perform adult supervision and mentoring of the participants throughout the camp and may be, former Rotarians, Rotaractors, former RYLArians, and referred people of high moral character. The operations volunteers are adults generally younger than Rotarians (e.g. 20s and 30s) that are treated with the respect of future Rotarians.
2.2.4. D.3 Funding of Camp RYLA
Funding is from the Rotary Club of St. Paul and the District. Participant fees shall be paid by sponsoring Rotary clubs.
2.2.4. D.4 Responsibilities
The Executive Team
(a)Develops and conducts an annual youth leadership training program, Camp RYLA.
(b)Provides information about Camp RYLA to clubs in the district in order that the clubs can promote the program to high schools in their communities.
(c)Identifies points of contact for Club RYLA coordinators.
(d)Identifies potential volunteers for camp planning and operations.
(e)Identifies possible speakers and media publicity for the camp.
(f) Encourages all district Rotarians to participate in the Ethical Discussion.
and picnic with the RYLArians that takes place at the Camp.
(g) The RYLA Planning and Operations Workgroup.
  • Develops the program and camp schedule.
  • Assigns tasks to volunteers in the implementation of the program.
  • Oversees activities at the camp.
(h) Submits a budget request for reasonable expenses this team and any RYLA work groups in accordance with section 2.4.8.

2.2.4. D.5 Camp Enterprise
Camp Enterprise is Rotary District 5950’s RYLA program and is managed and promoted by that district. Clubs from our district may send students to Camp Enterprise; however, our District and our RYLA Team have no
responsibility with regard to Camp Enterprise.
2.2.4 MOPP Youth Service and Next Generations Teams 10-21-19