2.3 Enhance Public Image and Awareness

2.3.1   Public Image Team 

The Public Image Team promotes awareness of Rotary.  For external audiences, the goal is to foster an understanding, appreciation, and support for the work and programs of Rotary, as well as to attract new members.  For the internal audience of Rotarians and Rotaractors, the goal is to promote awareness that effective publicity, favorable public relations, and a positive image build support for Rotary, inspire potential donors, attract possible candidates for membership, and engage current members.  Composition 

The Team Leader shall be appointed by the person who will be the District Governor when the term of the Team Leader begins. The appointment should be for a three-year term.  The Team Leader shall appoint two or more members to this team, seeking when available, Rotarians and Rotaractors who have media, public relations or marketing experience as a component of their vocation or profession or who have experience as a Club Public Image Chair.

Maintains contact with District Governor and key District Team leaders to stay informed about District projects and activities that can be promoted, particularly those of interest to the general public; and
  1. Uses and promotes current Rotary International Public Image material and resources (i.e. Rotary Brand Center, “Effective Public Relations: A Guide for Rotary Clubs”, Rotary News and content updates;
  2. Encourages clubs to prioritize the promotion of Rotary’s Public Image;
  3. Encourages clubs to make Public Image outreach a priority using both traditional and social media;
  4. Creates guidelines for appropriate use and monitoring of Social Media;
  5. Seeks opportunities to speak to individual clubs about Public Image including developing and updating content on the website to appeal to general public;
  6. Promotes Rotary initiatives such as PolioPlus, grant successes, alumni activity, and awards to the District and Rotary community at events such as District Team Training, Midterm, NCPETS, and the District Conference;
  7. Maintains and updates the District Public Image tab content on the District Website;
  8. Promotes Rotary to external audiences such as media, community leaders, potential partner organizations, program beneficiaries and the general public;
  9. Contacts media with newsworthy stories of District projects and events, and shares Club and District stories in social media;
  10. Ensures key Club and District stories are highlighted in District level social media;
  11.  Serves as faculty for Rotary District Training events to share ideas and resources;
  12. Updates  and monitors District Social media policy, and informs Club Public Image chairs of new information;
  13. Serves as a resource to Clubs and District Teams by providing overall direction regarding Public Image initiatives using Rotary International branding and messaging material; and
  14. Submits a budget request for reasonable expenses for this team in accordance with section 2.4.8.

2.3 MOPP - Public Image - 10-21-19