2.3.3. RI Convention Promotion Team




The Rotary International (RI) Convention Team promotes attendance at the annual RI Convention. Composition

The Team Leader shall be appointed 18 months before the Rotary International Convention by the person who will be the District Governor the Rotary year when that Convention will be held. The Chairperson shall appoint at least two additional members to the Team. Those appointed should have attended at least one previous RI Convention and at least one of those appointed members should have skill and experience in marketing.

           2.3.3. Responsibilities

(a) Promotes  attendance at the annual RI convention while attending Club and District meetings;
(b) Serves as a local resource for Convention materials and information;
(c) Creates content regarding the Convention for the District website;
(d) Encourages attendance by use of email, social media, in-person conversations, and other appropriate ways;
(e) Submits a budget request for reasonable expenses for this team in accordance with 2.4.8.

2.3.3. MOPP - RI Convention Promotion Team - 06-17-19