2.4.1 District Governor Installation Composition

The members shall come from the home club of the District Governor-elect who is to be installed as the District Governor, and other members as appointed by the District Governor-elect. The District Office Administrator assists this committee in an advisory role, and by electronic communications concerning the installation event. Responsibilities

(a)Promotes, organizes and runs the District Governor Installation, which is held during the last part of June each fiscal year for the purpose of installing the new District Governor and thanking the previous District Governor for his/her service; and
(b)The Rotary Club of the District Governor- elect has responsibility for planning, conducting, and financing the District Governor Installation without any cost to the District. District Office Involvement

The District Office is not in charge of planning Installation.  However, the District Office shall be available to coordinate registration through the District website and the creation of nametags for the event.  This service comes from a desire to ensure proper standards of timeliness, professionalism and consistency are met. Recommended Use of Leftover Funds

If there are any profits at the end of the Installation event, the club(s) can keep the profits.  It is recommended that the profit not be kept for the club’s general funds but donated to a program of The Rotary Foundation (such as The Annual Fund, Polio Plus or Peace Centers) in the name of the club.
2.4.1 MOPP - DG Installation - 12-10-18