2.4.7 Internal Audit Team Purpose

The Internal Audit Team provides an annual review of the book of accounts and completes Rotary International’s Annual Statement and Report of District Finances for the District 5960 Board of Directors. Composition

The Internal Audit Team shall be composed of three members, one of whom one shall be a Past District Governor and one of whom shall have audit experience. All members of the team must be active Rotarians. The following persons are not allowed to serve on the Audit Team for the year in which they serve in these positions; Governor, Treasurer, Signatories of District bank accounts, and members of the District Finance Team. As provided in the District Bylaws, the members of the Internal Audit Team which will review the financial records for a given District Governor’s year shall be appointed by the person who will next succeed or has succeeded that District Governor. Responsibilities

a) Reviews the books of accounts of the Rotary District Treasurer for the preceding year ending June 30th, in accordance with RI Bylaws 16.060.4;
b) For funds coming from The Rotary Foundation, the annual assessment of the District’s Financial Management Plan and its implementation in accordance with that plan and procedures required by The Rotary Foundation shall be used by the Internal Audit Team to account for those funds; and
c) Submits the Annual Statement and Report of District Finances to the District Governor by September 10 following the close of the Rotary year. The report shall be presented for discussion and adoption at the next district meeting to which all clubs are entitled to send a representative and for which 30 days' notice has been given that the statement and report of district finances will be presented.  The deadline for submission to Rotary International is June 30 of the year following the Rotary year being reviewed.

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