For an organization to run effectively, it must have continuity and consistency in its policies and procedures, while at the same time allowing for innovation. In this spirit of continuity, consistency, and innovation, this Rotary District 5960 Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) complements the Rotary District 5960 Bylaws. 
This Manual was originally adopted in 2015 by the District Board of Directors (Board).  Since then, numerous revisions to various Sections have been adopted by the Board.  The dates of latest revisions are shown for each Section in footers.
District Teams are established to support the development, vibrancy, and growth of Clubs. The District Teams are structured to support Rotary International’s required District Leadership Plan.
The Teams support the District Strategic Plan and Rotary International’s Strategic Priorities.
Suggestions for changes or additions to this MOPP should be submitted to the Team Leader of the Rules and Legislation Team and the District Governor.

MOPP - Introduction - 02-18-20