A message from DG Paul Perez

We are dealing with unprecedented times that are causing significant challenges with our normal Club and District functions and events.

With the CDC's recommendation of no large gatherings of people for 60 days, we made the difficult decision to cancel this year's Conference of Clubs scheduled for April 30-May 1. The planning team and I were excited with how the event was shaping up, and looked forward to delivering value, connections, and fun for our Rotarians, Rotaractors, and guests. To say we are disappointed this will not happen is an understatement.

While we had the opportunity to postpone the event to a later date, there was no guarantee we would be able to hold the event then with so much uncertainty about when things would get back to any sense of normalcy. With that uncertainty, we did not want to risk a potential financial burden. We also felt the goal of offering an event with maximum potential attendance was no longer possible. Had everything gone per plan, the April 30-May 1 event was our best chance for that.

I want to thank everyone who registered for our event and were ready to have a spectacular time with your fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors, and our special guests. I know District Governor Elect Ed Marek, District Governor Elect Tom Gump from D5950, and their planning team are already planning for the joint District Conference in 2021. We have not done a joint conference in 5 years, and I know it will be spectacular! Finally, I wanted to give special thanks to my Conference of Clubs Co-Team Leads Laurie Hartmann and Joe Dols, and planning team members Kathy Hughitt, Jim Christian, Kathy Ingulsrud, Shawn Berry, and Margie Horning. Their efforts and work to bring this event to where it was going was outstanding! I could not have done this without their support, experience, and passion to put on a great event.

There were others that helped, and this cancellation does not mean we won't continue with some of the planned events. We still plan to do our Rotary Shark Tank, though maybe it won 't be live. Kyle Haugen, Margie Horning, Brad Kirscher, and Peg Duenow helped to bring this idea to life. We will also still have our People of Action Photo Contest. We've had a number of wonderful submissions, and Public Image Team Leads Shawn Berry and Kathy Ingulsrud have worked hard again this year and look forward to recognizing those Clubs that participated. Finally, our Clubs have worked hard this year on their goals and activities, and we still want to recognize them through our District Awards Program. More details will be provided soon from Awards Team Lead Mitch Popple and Kyle Haugen.

I'm so proud of what we have accomplished this year and while this is a setback, we still need to finish strong this year and so I want to continue to help support Clubs and make sure we are continuing to be Rotarians even though the landscape has changed. We have challenges but also opportunities, and I wish you all the best! Thank you.

Yours in Rotary,

Paul Perez
2019-2020 District Governor 5960
Rotary Club of Prior Lake
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