The scope of Rotary Fellowships has changed over the years, but their purpose has remained the same: to unite Rotary members, their spouses, Rotaractors, program participants, and alumni in friendship, and to provide ways for them to enjoy their favorite recreational or professional activities. Over 70 fellowships cover interests from tennis and marathon running to wine and cooking, from scuba diving and jazz to recreational vehicles and computers.

Rotary Fellowships began informally in 1928, when Rotarians with a shared interest in Esperanto joined together. In 1947, Rotarian boating enthusiasts began flying the Rotary flag from their craft, calling themselves the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians. The group now has the longest continuous history of any Rotary Fellowship.

June is Rotary Fellowships Month: Read the Rotary Service blog to learn more about fellowship activities and service projects. View a list of all the fellowships, and join one today!